Good or not good designs

Some times, designs which we think they are very good did not approved by customer .
It depend on their opinion about color, shape, production time and specially total cost.


Normally, a new customer do not want to pay 200 usd for designing fee. They believe that it is too much. But in fact, we must pay more than 200 usd to create a new design


After all, we still proud about our working, even some of our designs did not make money

How to design 3d pop-up greeting card - part 2

2. Concept:

Any 3d pop up card must have a designing concept. Which is subject of card, for which season or occasion, which symbol can be used and which message 

All will be reflected by the destination market. Each market will define the last design, so we must understand about age, culture, country, sex, and trend of each market. 

After all, we can start to chose which type of pop up card. 90 degree? 180 degree? or Just cutout design?

In VietNam, we are not a professional designer in pop up greeting cards or handmade craft, so we must try to study day by day, and we get home help from our partners around the world

Maybe in the future , we can teach the next generation about this art craft

Christmas symbols for greeting cards

Christmas symbols

Christmas symbols

Most of time, we think that symbols of Christmas for greeting cards are snow man, santa, gift box, shoes, bells....

Infact, there are many other story which we can talk about Christmas. Some funny story about baby boy and baby girl in christmas season, some story about jesu, or just few simple message to your friend, your family.... can become good christmas symbols.

Now day, christmas season is not only for western people, but also for asian and african. Maybe some symbol will change from Santa, snowman to dragon, tiger as asian christmas symbol.... maybe in the future... I hope so...

Greeting card seasons

Normaly, biggest greeting card season is Christmas (around the world). But in fact, chirstmas is not biggest occation for greeting card. In France, new year occation is more important, same in Asia. In these few years, some countries in asia have bigger christmas, for young people.

Shipping cost

We use TNT air shipping service.
1,000 cards = 25 kg (Approximate)
Weight, kg    Europe    USA    Asia/Australia    Africa/Latin America
Consignment charge up to 10 kg    96.09    114.61    83.35    217.64
>10 - 20 kg (per kg)    7.96    10.71    7.54    20.14
>20 - 30 kg (per kg)    7.1    9.43    6.87    19.76