3D pop-up card in VietNam


From 2004, pop-up card appeared in Viet Nam as a simple style of Origamic and Kirigami art. At that time, our company - SBcraft tried to distribute in only Viet Nam.
After 2-3 years , some copiers appear and try to sold cards with lower price. At that time, even we have all Copyright certificates but our government did not protect us against copiers. And we decided to stop our market in Viet Nam and start export market
From 2008, we join some trade fair and got some good result to appeared in some countries like France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, USA, Australia, Singapore, Arab Saudi, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia.....
Till now, pop-up card is not a big export name, but we hope in the future, this card can be a good solution to make more jobs for Vietnamese and for people in other countries