Greeting card seasons

Seasons greetings.jpg

Normaly, biggest greeting card season is Christmas (around the world). But in fact, chirstmas is not biggest occation for greeting card. In France, new year occation is more important, same in Asia. In these few years, some countries in asia have bigger christmas, for young people.

The second season is holyday season. People everywhere go traveling around the world and buy greeting card to send back home

There are many other occations for greeting card: Mother's day, Father's day, new baby, wedding, big or small party.....

In VietNam, we do not have greeting card culture. Some young people still buy greeting cards or make by themself to send to their lovers, or friend... but most of us not use greeting card for all occations

From 2004, our first 3D pop-up card design appear in Viet Nam. Till now, after 10 years, most of pop-up cards in VietNam are produced for foreign tourist

I hope our cards will make pop-up cards culture in Viet Nam in near future

Ho Huu An